A Quiet Evening

Tonight has been quiet, peaceful, and semi-productive. A dog lays in my lap, a candle flickers pleasantly, and my favorite slippers adorn my feet.

This peace, this rest is pure ecstasy after the week I just endured. (A week which included a trip to the E.R. thanks to low potassium.) Any night where I don’t have a PANIC ATTACK or where every thought revolves around something negative is a night of holy.

I even managed to sink down into a hot bath and read a Paleo Magazine for 30 minutes. Which for me, that’s a huge accomplishment. It was invigorating (yet, at the same time of course very relaxing. I’m ready for bed.)

I’m on a new diet of sorts. It’s an anti-inflammatory diet. I went to see a Naturopath on Tuesday and he thinks I have a leaky gut. Or, in other words I have a damaged stomach lining which makes it hard for me to appropriately digest food. Hence the lack in nutrients as well as other problems. He believes that a good part of my anxiety and panic attacks are due to a damaged gut.

It’s only been two days and I must admit, I’m feeling a bit better. Though, I can’t help but think that anyone who cuts out gluten, dairy, sugar, and caffeine would likely feel better. 😉 I’ve had one panic attack and have otherwise been fairly steady. So hey, I’m going to keep trying this. It doesn’t hurt. At this point… I’m willing to try almost anything.

I emailed an Episcopalian Priest tonight, hoping to meet with him to discuss matters of faith. I’m hopeful that this contact will work out and in addition to therapy, diet changes, exercise, and now this that well… maybe I’ll be getting somewhere with something. I don’t know what that is, but hey.

Eloquence eludes this evening. It must be time for bed.

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