A Myriad of Thoughts

One of those nights after one of those days of racing thoughts, each one faster than the last and less examined than the one prior. Sometimes it’s good to have a quick flow of thoughts, other times, such as these, it’s more a frenzy of this and that, and I don’t know what it all means.

First I’m thinking about making the food in the fridge last until Friday, then I’m thinking about getting Emma trimmed and her nails cut, then I’m thinking about driving to Idaho on Saturday or Sunday or Monday, then I’m thinking about school and which assignments I have yet to finish, then I’m thinking about brain tumors because it’s a norm in my life to think about something deadly at least once a day, then I’m thinking about who I need to contact, then I’m thinking about my wedding invitations that I just received and who I need to mail them to, and the I’m thinking about God and lent and how I’m not always doing the best at what I committed to do this season, then I’m thinking about ruined relationships and hurt friendships, then I’m thinking about people in America that are oppressed, and then I’m thinking about wanting to write but having too many thoughts to hone in on one, then I’m thinking about writing something worth reading, then I’m thinking about wine and how it’s tasty, then I’m thinking about Lindsay Lohan and her new show on Oprah’s network and how broken she is and how some of her freak-outs mirror my own freak-outs except that I actually have to go to work and she has an option to show up or not… AND!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on.

So on.

So on.


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