Another day bites the dust

A ticking, tocking clock, the drizzle of rain, my roommate’s voice emanating from her bedroom, my dog a ball of energy and then there’s me on the couch… observing it all.

Today was a long day. Was out late last night with the handsome fiance man and his seminary friends and therefore didn’t get much sleep. Had to do a huge project from my weekend class this morning before I drove the hour to class, sat there for four hours, drove the hour back and finally collapsed.

Mental illness makes things even harder. I get tired quicker, and then when I’m tired, I’m REALLY FREAKING TIRED. Tomorrow will be another long day. Oh well.

I did finish reading Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist which was one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. The way she describes life, family, friends, heartache, food, and fellowship around the table. Oh my, I was charmed. I look forward to reading Bittersweet by her next. Anyway. Finished that tonight which was a great way to wind down. Sipped on some beer, cuddled with Emma, and relaxed. Books like Shauna’s remind me of the need to rest, relax, and the need to do things that actually help me rest and relax. So for example, reading, or blogging, or reading blogs… but not Twitter or Facebook. The latter tends to frustrate me and make me anxious. Too many posts from people that remind me of things that set off my anxiety and panic attacks.

On the whole though? It really has been a good week for my mental illness cocktail. While depression has definitely sunk it’s talons into my flesh, anxiety and panic have mostly fled. For that, I’m ever so excited. I think the diet change and understanding more and more about mental illness has helped me a lot. At least this week 😉 I know best that it’s never just “gone.”


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