Initial Thoughts on My New Job

From one nanny job to the next I have jumped. My last with little Lia, cutest of all babies in the world, this one with Leela and Ben, the dynamic duo out to destroy each other and those around them. πŸ™‚

So yeah, it’s an exciting job to say the least.

I was fairly miserable as a nanny while I was in Oregon. I’m not sure why that is. Probably the place I was in emotionally/physically/spiritually, but it was so hard for me. I loved Lia with all of my heart, but just didn’t enjoy the job. So many of my panic attacks were about going to work or being at work, it was ridiculous. I was VERY worried the same thing would happen here in Boise.

But somehow? This job is completely different. My disposition is entirely opposite of my last experience. I love waking up and going to work. I love being at work. And I rarely am counting down hours and minutes to go home (I am human so that does occasionally happen.) I think partially it’s because this job comes with a lot more responsibility for the household and a little less responsibility regarding the kiddos. I do almost everything for their home. I grocery shop, I run errands, I cook their meals, I do laundry, I clean up the house (though the deep cleaning gets done by a company), I am working on organizing their entire house, it’s so satisfying.

I am apparently a homemaker at heart.

I absolutely love that I get to help make their house a home. It’s different than any prior nanny or babysitting situation I’ve ever had, but I absolutely love it. The kids are in daycare during the day, so I’m with them in the EARLY mornings for two hours and then I’m with them/the whole family in the evening for two hours. Three hours in the middle of the day leaves me to all the household management tasks and then another five hours are dead hours in which I get to do whatever I want.

It’s an odd schedule in some ways, but it really works for me all at the same time. The dead time has been great for me, enabling me to see friends, work out, journal, write letters, nap (those mornings are seriously early), and just generally get stuff down for my own life.

So, while I was hesitant for this job in so many ways… I really couldn’t be happier than where I ended up.

Thanks be to God.


One thought on “Initial Thoughts on My New Job

  1. I totally agree with you ! I currently stepped back from a nanny position I had with a Colts player. I fell in love with the kids and the player but I just could not agree with the moms parenting and how she handled her household. Literally I hated going to work when she would be there. I was so unhappy in every way with the position but my boss and the kids were fabulous . I recently switched Positions on a limb to a new athlete. I was extremely scared to start something new but I’m currently on day 3 and couldn’t be happier πŸ™‚ keep your head up and great job! I hope your new position stays strong and happy!

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