Initial Thoughts on Catholicism: Part One

It is no hidden secret that I’ve been struggling with Christianity the last year and a half. It could have been called a crisis of faith, was I so nearly convinced that God was not here and Christians are but a cruel people group set on making “others” (whomever they see as different) miserable. An […]

Initial Thoughts on Marriage

It seems to be finally sinking in that I’m actually married, that I’m a wife, that we-Jacob, my love, and I- entered into the sacrament of marriage together. The past four weeks have felt totally surreal. Perhaps even the weeks leading up to the moments in which we’d stand before our gathered family and friends […]

Flipping Pages

Wearing a blue paisley dress, brown ankle boots laced up, wild wavy hair (I had once thought my hair was straight in Idaho, but apparently my hair is just forever wavy curls now) I sit here at this big, warm, wooden table. I’ve been in Idaho almost nearly two weeks. Home old, home anew. Oh […]

There are days and weeks.

I’m married!! How wonderful is that??? I’m so glad to cuddle up next to my husband every night. To feel safe, vulnerable, loved, at home by his side. The wedding, apart from my anxiety and near panic episode, was absolutely amazing. I could not have asked for a better day. We were so loved all […]

I suffer from leaky gut syndrome and a broken heart

For the most part, I have better days in these present times. The anxiety is not something that haunts me day in and day out. The panic attacks are twice monthly, if that. I’m not exhausted ALL OF THE TIME from anxiety, I’m just exhausted MOST OF THE TIME because… you know… life stuffs. 😉 […]

Those days you shirk your responsibilities…

… because sometimes you’re really overwhelmed with life, and you have death cramps from hell, and who wants to drive an hour to a four hour class? So. I instead stayed in town, worked out, went grocery shopping, watched Gilmore Girls, cooked an amazing dinner, had a friend over for said dinner, and enjoyed my […]

Another day bites the dust

A ticking, tocking clock, the drizzle of rain, my roommate’s voice emanating from her bedroom, my dog a ball of energy and then there’s me on the couch… observing it all. Today was a long day. Was out late last night with the handsome fiance man and his seminary friends and therefore didn’t get much […]